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Office Cleaners You Can Trust

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Stop Worrying

about security in your cleaning service

Notice the Difference

our service provides

Dust. Cobwebs. Fingerprints. Gone.

so you can focus on your work.

Do you wonder if you hired right?

  • Still see spider webs?
  • Still see dust?
  • Worried about security?
  • Are they vacuuming under your desks?
  • Is the restroom disinfected properly?
  • Still see fingerprints?

Sanitary Workplace

Enjoy being at your office more when you know your restrooms have been sanitized, cobwebs are removed and dusty surfaces are wiped clean.

Happier Staff

Employees are less distracted and feel more comfortable knowing their workplace has been cared for.

Satisfied Customers

Customers will enjoy a higher satisfaction and  perceived value at a fresh looking facility

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you insured and bonded?
Yes, of course! We are fully bonded and we’re insured up to $1 million. ($500,000 per occurance).
Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?
Yes. In fact, we double check our work before we leave. But if there is any concern, just contact us and we’ll come back as soon as possible to fix any problems.
Can cleaning be done during business hours?
We prefer to clean after business hours. However, we understand that some office managers are worried about security. We will clean when your staff are working in some cases.
Do you offer a discount for a long-term contract?
No. We want you to feel like you’re getting the highest quality work for your cost. Therefore, we charge the same price for 12 months of service or 12 years of service.
How do I get started?

Simply call us at 971-361-6243 to set up a free consultation and get a quote, or send us an email.

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I called them on a last minute urgent situation and they quickly responded to my cleaning needs. Their work is done well and I appreciate their efficiency.


Office Manager, Mt. Angel, OR

“Very pleased. Meets and exceeds expectations.”

Jennifer B.

Salem, OR


“Cleaning a manufactured house. Smiling Cleaners did a thorough job with positive care.”

Benedictine Sisters


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